Amy Billharz

Specializing in the creation of custom

visuals for live music

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Specializing in the creation of custom visuals for live music performances.

Welcome to my portfolio site! I am a Seattle-based video artist with a focus on creating custom, one-of-a-kind visuals for live music performances. My creative process involves filming original footage, transforming it into abstractions edited to match the dynamics of each song, then projecting during the live music performance.

I've been fortunate to have had clients put their complete trust in me for the creative vision, which has allowed for a lot of great experimentation. Trial and error is where you find the good stuff! I've stuck a GoPro camera on the side of a canoe and on the hood of a car (J GRGRY's "Erase the Shore" and "Floodlands", HWOIG's "Nightshade"). Created an animation from a single image (HWOIG's "Magazina"). Put a pint glass over the lens of my camera and filmed Christmas lights (J GRGRY's "Rare Poisons"). Set up my camera in the middle of a merry-go-round in my neighborhood playground to film the rotating trees and streetlights (J GRGRY's "Rolodex"). Positioned a small spotlight on some dandelions at night and filmed the seeds gradually being blown away (J GRGRY's "Ships"). Stumbled upon a small palm at the corner of a busy intersection dancing in the wind while rays of sun bounced through its fronds, which became visuals for HWOIG's "Paralyzer". You never know when creative inspiration will strike.

Although I'm specializing in augmenting live music experiences, I'm certainly open to other related projects that could include experiential marketing, fine art installations with emerging technologies, projection mapping, and more. Feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.



Here's a sampling of custom visuals I've created for J GRGRY's live performances.

Snapshot of a few J GRGRY performances that feature the custom visuals.

Visuals for J GRGRY's performance at 107.7 The End's 2017 Deck the Hall Ball at Key Arena, Seattle, WA.


Visuals for J GRGRY's June 2017 performance at The Crocodile in Seattle, WA.


Excerpt of the music video created for Noise-A-Tron’s "Nine". See full video here.


A lot of experimentation goes into this work...


creative process examples

Animating a still image-Repurposing Art

When brainstorming ideas for He Whose Ox is Gored's "Magazina", I knew I wanted footage with a lot of urban textures. As I walked around the city with my camera, I recalled how I had already taken a bunch of urban texture photos for a different art project a couple years back. They were for a massive collage as part of an installation for the 2013 Lo-Fi Arts Festival (on a farm north of Seattle). The piece was an intertwining of two local invasive species, humans and the Himalayan blackberry noxious weed.

Though, I was unable to find the original photos for the collage, I did have one detail image taken of the piece once it was hung. Animating this one image became the main input for the visual, plus a little footage from my camera following lines of graffiti (see video to the right).


Visuals for He Whose Ox is Gored's "Magazina".



creative process examples

Playing Around with a GoPro Camera


The J GRGRY "Floodlands" and "Erase the Shore" visuals to the right were products of footage recorded by attaching a GoPro camera to the side of a canoe. The first video contains the view looking up from the water. The second was the view when the camera would periodically dip below the water's surface.

The third video, "Nightshade" by He Whose Ox is Gored, was captured by attaching the GoPro camera to the hood of a car and driving through the city at night.  Listening to the song, I couldn't help but imagine it being something you'd hear in an action film or video game.  I was inspired to show imagery resembling a high speed chase or video game racing.   The streets are mostly downtown Seattle, with some footage from Capitol Hill, Belltown, and South Lake Union neighborhoods.

Visuals created for J GRGRY's "Erase the Shore".

Visuals created for He Whose Ox is Gored's "Nightshade".