creative process examples

Animating a still image-Repurposing Art

When brainstorming ideas for He Whose Ox is Gored's "Magazina", I knew I wanted footage with a lot of urban textures. As I walked around the city with my camera, I recalled how I had already taken a bunch of urban texture photos for a different art project a couple years back. They were for a massive collage as part of an installation for the 2013 Lo-Fi Arts Festival (on a farm north of Seattle). The piece was an intertwining of two local invasive species, humans and the Himalayan blackberry noxious weed.

Though, I was unable to find the original photos for the collage, I did have one detail image taken of the piece once it was hung. Animating this one image became the main input for the visual, plus a little footage from my camera following lines of graffiti (see video to the right).


Visuals for He Whose Ox is Gored's "Magazina".